Decision on Sharapova appeal expected in October

On June 8, 2016 the ITF issued a decision imposing sanctions on Maria Sharapova:

“An Independent Tribunal appointed under Article 8.1 of the 2016 Tennis Anti-Doping Programme (the “Programme”) has found that Maria Sharapova committed an Anti-Doping Rule Violation under Article 2.1 of the Programme and as a consequence has disqualified the affected results and imposed a period of ineligibility of two years, commencing on 26 January 2016.” Read more at

On June 14, 2016 the WADA annouced that it would not be appealing the ruling entered by the ITF against Maria Sharapova.  see WADA press release

Maria Sharapova filed an appeal with the CAS in July and a decision is now anticipated in October. The arbitration details are private. For more details see the CAS press release.



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